Day Hiking Packing Lists

Short List:
  1. flashlight
  2. bug spray
  3. camera
  4. toilet paper
  5. rain gear
  6. sun screen
  7. aspirin/ibuprofen
  8. lip balm
  9. bottle & water
  10. whistle
  11. first aid
Clothing Worn:
  1. nylon pants
  2. comfortable shirt
  3. wool socks
  4. hiking boots
  5. sunglasses
  6. hat (block sun)
  7. spare socks
  1. nuts
  2. granola bars
  3. pbj sandwich
  4. crackers
  5. hand sanitizer

General Day-Hiking Important Points:
  1. CLOTHES: Leave the cotton at home, lightweight layers are better than thick clothes; spare socks are always a good idea.
  2. OPTIONAL GEAR: trekking poles (if you have leg problems).
  3. FOOD: trail mix is a favorite, one quart of water is enough.
  4. Everyone must be ready for inclement weather.
  5. Cold weather hiking requires student to not wear cotton. The only cotton clothing on a hiker's body could be undergarments. Clothing should be organized in layers. Hikers should not bring coats!!
  6. Don't forget to add your own items to this list but you don't want to carry more than about 15 pounds (20 tops) on a day hike - it's not comfortable. If you're pack is over weight, then get rid of gear - not water!!!!