Backpacking List

Short List:
  1. topo map
  2. compass
  3. headlamp
  4. garbage bag
  5. camera
  6. knife
  7. lighter
  8. backpack
  9. backpack rain cover
First Aid:
  1. pain reliever
  2. moleskin
  3. vaseline
  4. bandaids
  5. lip balm
  6. bug spray
  1. tent
  2. ground tarp
  3. sleeping bag
  4. sleeping pad
  5. 50' thin rope
  6. pillow
Clothing Worn:
  1. nylon pants
  2. comfortable shirt
  3. wool socks
  4. fleece
  5. hiking boots
  6. sunglasses
  7. hat (block sun)
  8. spare socks
  9. spare underwear
  10. long underwear (top & bot)
  11. rain gear
  12. gaiters
  13. stocking cap
  14. gloves
  1. stove
  2. striker tool
  3. stove fuel
  4. mess kit
  5. utensils
  6. water bottle
  7. water filter
  8. power bars
  9. dried meals
  10. tuna/chicken pouches
  11. trail mix
  12. pop tarts
  1. soap
  2. toothbrush
  3. toothpaste
  4. washcloth
  5. toilet paper
  6. trowel
  7. hand sanitizer
  8. eyeglass cleaner

Important Points:
  1. Equipment must be of backpacking quality. Tents must have a FULL rainfly that fully covers the tent and reaches near-ground. The tent must have a bathtub bottom (no seams near bottom).
  2. Pack rain covers, backpack ponchos, ground tarps, and gaiters must be nylon or otherwise indestructible. Backpacking ponchos must cover the body and the backpack and still reach past the knees.
  3. The sleeping bag must be rated for 20°F or less.
  4. The compass must be of orienteering quality.
  5. The sleeping pad must provide some insulation from the cold ground.
  6. Boots must be waterproof.
  7. All clothing MUST be non-cotton - nylon, polypropylene, wool, etc.
  8. All items, except possibly a sleeping pad, MUST fit INTO the backpack so that it can be rain-proofed with the backpack rain cover.
  9. Everyone must be ready for inclement weather. Backpackers do not normally quit because of rain or snow, but they can only do as much as their equipment allows. Some of the best trips will be under difficult weather conditions. One missing poncho can cancel a trip, and some of the trails are hours of driving away. Pack carefully and pack the right equipment!
  10. Remember - you can share many items - keep your pack weight to an ABSOLUTE minimum!!
  11. Total backpack weight with ALL items should not exceed 1/3 (33%) of total body weight, with a target of 1/5 (20%) total body weight.
  12. Cold weather backpacking requires campers to not wear cotton. No one will be allowed to attend trips wearing cotton. The only cotton object in a properly prepared backpacker's bag is a bandana for wiping sweat off of a brow! Clothing should be organized in layers.
  13. Backpackers should not bring coats - they are almost worthless in the backcountry!!